The IntelliCup has been designed as a reusable and recyclable cup to not only reduce queue time, but also to deliver the best possible user experience coupled with multiple benefits to the customer, merchant & environment.

A. Handle for Stacking

The handle is designed so that many cups can be stacked and carried easily with one hand, which will translate to less congestion at the point of purchase.

B. PP or Bio-degradable Plastic

Made from either transparent PP or biodegradable material you can ensure that you stay environmentally friendly with a minimum of 20 uses per cup, it reduces wastage and overall costs.

C. Non Return Valve

The Cup is fitted with a non return valve and ramp system so that it can be filled from the bottom, thus allowing a speedy pour & controlling the amount of head produced. The valve is replaceable at minimum cost.

D. NFC Smart Chip

The cup base houses an integrated NFC chip, which communicates seamlessly with the IntelliHead and the mobile banking platform to ensure fast payment.

The NFC chip also links the cup to each unique user and instructs pouring when coupled with the machine, in addition to providing hi-fidelity first party CRM data.

The automated cup deposit system assists in digitizing a cashless cup deposit credit and debit as well as inventory management.