If you are registered IntelliCUP user and the cup is linked to your account, simply unlink the cup from your wallet via the IntelliApp. The cup will no longer be able to access the funds in your wallet.
If you are unregistered and bought your cup from a merchant you will not be able to recover the funds unless you register as an IntelliCUP user. Once you are registered simply link the cup to your wallet and the funds will be available in your IntelliCUP account. These funds can then be withdrawn at your convenience or saved for the next event.

The IntelliCup is a multi-use disposable cup. You should get a minimum of x10 cup uses after which the valve may show signs of leaking.

If it has been used less than x10 times contact your merchant for a replacement cup or valve.
If its has been used more than x10 times we suggest replacing the cup.

Once the IntelliApp is downloaded the app will use the smartphones camera to scan and link the NFC chip’s QR code to your account. Once linked to a wallet (with funds) purchasing drinks is only a dock away.

We will also be introducing social media channels such as SMS, whatsapp, facebook messenger etc to communicate with your IntelliCUP account for system operation.

Yes if the full registered system is being used then cup can be re-used at different events and at different merchants.

However if the merchant is running a closed offline event your cup cannot be used to link to your online wallet and you will have to buy credit from the merchant at the event.

Yes, multiple wallets can be created in one account and multiple cups can be linked to each wallet. The possibilities are endless.

No. The IntelliCUP system has many advantages over traditional systems. Our focus has been fixated on the customer experience and specifically the poor experience of traditional systems at large events. We have not only focussed on the speed of the pour but aimed to solve the speed of the complete transaction. This has made the customer experience more enjoyable and this is why our system is far superior to any of our rivals, most of which solve only one aspect of the problem.

Customers using the full IntelliCUP system will receive the full range of benefits. The major benefit is an enhanced drinking experience at events due to the speed of pour and the integrated cashless POS. The IntelliCUP system is a fully integrated system that reduces the total transaction time of buying drinks at an event. Once registered with a cup linked to a funded wallet it is as simple as DOCK and DRINK time after time.

Various other benefits will also be introduced and made be available via the IntelliApp.

No. The IntelliHead dock has an integrated rinsing system that will regularly clean the dock area and ensure a high level of cleanliness and hygiene for each cup that is docked.