This is IntelliCUP’s™ modular dispensing unit, developed to pour the perfect serve in a matter of seconds.

Merchants taking advantage of the new IntelliCUP™ system will see an immediate improvement in customer turnaround and a positive impact on sales volumes.

Remote access using the IntelliHub allows merchants to set price, volume and product description and is able to track cups docked, volume poured, as well as audit the system, matching income to system performance. This valuable feedback allows merchants to track profitability as well as build a database of users based on customer’s real time habits.

International learning on a “traditional beer tap” transaction time is 60 seconds (request, payment and pour time). IntelliCUP™ has tested its system “transaction time” to be between 10 – 15 seconds. The resultant increase in volume poured and linked efficiencies & lower labour cost will result in higher profitability and improved customer experience.

Features of the IntelliHead:

  • A unique self-cleaning bottom fill injection system
  • Enhanced hygiene control for merchant and customer peace of mind
  • All telemetry required to communicate with the Cup, and full IntelliCUP™ system
  • Wi-Fi, LAN or GSM connectivity to communicate with the servers
  • NFC reader, enabling pour and data functionality
  • Tracking of volume, temperature, number of cups docked and geo location
  • Can be supplied for retrofit into an existing cold chain or built into a mobile chiller
  • A possible pouring rate of 4 – 6 beers per minute
  • Industry standard connections – beverage lines, 12 v DC, LAN and a fresh and waste water pipes
  • Integrated LCD display, greeting registered users by name, providing user account balance, product descriptor, price and status of the pour
  • Interchangeable drop-in branding cover