Cup Hygiene

  • One user cup
  • Once a user receives a clean cup at the start of an
    event and retains control of that cup there is less
    opportunity for germ transfer.
  • User controls cup handling – no bar staff are
    required to handle the cup during multiple pours.
  • The handle keeps hands away from the rim of the
    cup and reduces likelihood of contamination.
  • The cup sits on a thin elevated rim and the entire
    base surface of the cup is never in contact with the
    surface on which it is placed.
  • The cup injection valve is elevated off the base and
    never touches a table or counter further avoiding
    any potential contamination.

IntelliHead / Docking Station

  • The IntelliHead cup dock area is hygienically washed out
    after every pour.
  • The automated rinse swirls cleaning liquid throughout the base of the cup dock area and also over the
    injector nozzle.
  • Qualified hygiene tests have proven no cup to cup
    germs transfer via the dispensing system.

Merieux Hygiene Test Conclusion:

“Results from the sampling events by Mérieux Nutrisciences hygiene consultant in January 2019 indicate that cleaning with a detergent-disinfectant would facilitate effective
cleaning of the IntelliCup unit. When the IntelliHead IHB rinsing feature was used in accordance with IntelliCup’s recommended operating procedure and supplemented with an approved sterilising agent, no microbial counts were detected on swabs performed during sampling; which showed that cup-to-cup contamination via the IntelliHead injector was successfully eliminated.”


  • Cashless
  • No handling of change
  • No passing of credit cards

Virtually Hands Free

  • There is no machine or button interaction required
  • It is not required to touch the Intellihead
    at all – the only required contact is with the user’s
    own cup handle when placing the cup in the
    docking station.
  • If multiple cups are poured and carried by an
    individual the stacking handle ensures that the
    rims of the IntelliCUPs or mugs do not touch –
    further mitigating any cup to cup contamination
    but still ensuring ease of use.
  • The find a cup function in the App will ensure that
    a user can also find his own cup within a group.
    (scan the QR code via the App and the linked cup
    users top line details will be shown).