IntelliCup is a IOT developed quick and cashless beverage dispensing system which can be retrofitted into an existing cold chain or made into mobile units. It replaces a draft pouring tap and is already in initial stage operations in the USA, UK, South Africa.

Aligned with that is a multi-use / disposable or bio degradable cup with a unique NFC tag that links the customer to the point of purchase and consumption. This is enabled by a customer App where the customer can register, verify age (if required), register a credit card and link a specific cup to their account. This enables them to access any IntelliHead to dispense a seamless (12 to 15 second 500 ml pour), cashless beverage via the cloud-based system with full in-app notifications, history of purchases as well as full control of linked cups and activity.

The Merchant has access to an IntelliHub back end management portal which allows them to set the beverage descriptor, the price, age limit and geo locates the IntelliHeads. A quick live on-line audit capability allows a merchant to measure cups docked, volume through the system and funds in the account. No more beverage (beer) losses, no more cash losses and an immediate guide to the success of pouring positioning and operators.

The system can also comfortably dispense 3 to 4 beers / beverages per minute including the payment and required telemetry and in addition to being data rich can also assist merchant profitability and ROI in short time periods via increased turnover and minimising losses.
(less than 3 months investment payback in average cases)

What the IntelliCUP system provides is true first party usage data linked to the actual real time consumption and over time consumer habits. The ability to converse with a customer either in the vicinity of a dispensing IntelliHead (via IOT mechanisms) to assist with decisioning or to reward them real time is an extremely powerful tool that will certainly differentiate commodity brands. Developing a history of favourite venues, beverage type, activities or events will build a great picture of the individual user and further enhance the ability to converse directly with high levels of interaction and meaning. The ease of dispensing a voucher direct to a customer’s smart phone to reward usage and loyalty is one small example.