The IntelliKeg has been designed for event usage where no existing chiller infrastructure exists.

[col_12] The IntelliKeg is mobile and transportable to ensure quick and easy installation and chilling time. Fitted with easy rolling and lockable wheels, it will fit in a van or trailer and can be positioned on site with ease.

The IntelliHeads are pre fitted to the IntelliKegs and once in position, are easily activated via the IntelliHub.

The unit has been designed for easy access to beverage kegs, gas bottles, fresh and waste water canisters to ensure a fuss free and easy installation. This either via a unique trolley or side doors allowing simple access for keg change over.

Each IntelliHead is coupled to its own beverage keg allowing for different beverage types to be poured from a range of heads or two beverage types per IntelliKeg. The IntelliKegs are designed so that they can be configured to maximise customer through flow and minimize time spent on the pour.

Features of the intelliKeg

  • Sleek and mobile easy maintenance cabinet
  • Easy removable and refillable keg storage
  • Fresh and waste water storage for head cleaning
  • Enclosed gas bottle storage
  • CE Certified chiller unit allowing continual pouring from both IntelliHeads
  • Is easily powered by any normal 16 amp power outlet or a generator (110v or 220v)
  • Temperature settings from 2 to 18 degrees
  • Large surface areas for branding
  • Powered plug point for branding towers to be fitted
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