Behind the IntelliCup, IntelliHead and IntelliKeg, is the innovative software that integrates the system.

Customer Access: IntelliCUP™ has designed two easy and usable systems
  • IntelliHub, This is the administration portal allowing operators to set the beverage price, volume & product descriptor. It also provides updates on the system performance, viewable on site or remotely.
  • IntelliApp, This is the customer interface.

The base system assists early or first time users to access the IntelliCUP™ system. At a point of sale kiosk, a customer can buy his preferred pour value and this can be loaded to an anonymous IntelliCUP™ account by means of a QR code scan by the merchant. Alternatively by scanning the QR code on the NFC chip the customer can access a credit card web portal and fund their own cup directly.

Importantly if the customer still has value in his account at the end of the event, they just need to register on the IntelliApp and the value will be credited to their newly registered account. They are then free to either use the funds, top up their wallet or transfer the funds back to their originating bank. They are never at risk.

The primary system is based on a full registration to the IntelliApp. Upon registering the customer is provided a unique IntelliCup Account in the App and also a default Cup Wallet.

The Customers Account is never accessible by the IntelliCup system and remains secure. Once the Customer has transferred funds to his Account via EFT or Credit card they can then transfer funds to their Cup Wallet, link a cup via the QR code on the NFC chip and enjoy the system.

No cash, no queues & a perfect serve time after time. Further security is ensured in that IntelliCup does not immediately take a customers money on a cup being docked.

Via the NFC chip the system first checks if there is Credit in the Customer Cup Wallet, shifts the funds (as set by the Merchant for the beverage type and volume to be poured) to an escrow account.

Once the system has confirmed a successful pour based on the merchant settings, only then are the actual funds transferred. If the system confirms a failed pour the funds are returned to the Customer.