Benefits & Opportunities

IntelliCUP™ Benefits & Opportunities

Merchants who have already tried the unique IntelliHead, have enthused about its seamless serving capabilities and ease of use.
Andrew Myburgh – owner “The Range Chilled Market” says “the system has not only excited my patrons through some innovative technology, but also increased my volume poured and reduced wastage. I am chuffed to be part of the initial trials.”

Customer feedback is around – “no cash fantastic”, “please bring this to the Rugby 7’s – I hate queues”, “great beer, great head”, “fantastic, I don’t need to deal with barmen, queues and cash payment again”, “can you send me special offers and tickets – bring it on…”, “beer tastes fresh and is nice and cold”, “please tell me you are going to be at the Oktoberfest” International averages on transaction times show the IntelliCUP™ system to be at least 300% faster than traditional draft pulls. The integrated payment effeciently and effectively minimises the use of cash. The system also significantly reduces beverage waste and vendor man hours.

Merchant Benefits

  • Queue reduction, increased turnover, reduction in waste and man hours = greater profitability
  • Cashless operation – system can manage % revenue share or rebates as required (can be set per beverage poured)
  • Full performance audit – cups docked, volume through the system, funds in the account
  • Success rate % = total volume, less purges, less failed pours and free beers
  • Ability to view event geo location of IntelliHead, pouring temperature of product, product type and price vs success rate – improve positioning within an event venue
  • Perfect serve and “sessionability” of product – improved sell through
  • Built in age verification software (App and IntelliHead) for ease of liability management

Merchant Opportunities

  • Branded content sharing to registered users
  • Research
  • Opinion polls
  • Curated consumer messaging – brand or event specific
  • Geo location within a venue to find preferred product (based on user history)
  • Unique IOT developments

Customer Benefits

  • Cashless
  • Queue reduction – instant pay and pour = greater game or stage time
  • Perfect serve and “sessionability” – enhanced customer and brand enjoyment
  • Enhanced event experience (ease of use / fuss free / added value opportunities)
  • Greater brand experiential ecosystem

Customer Opportunities

  • Brand messaging / videos / special offers
  • Event communication and ticketing
  • Voucher delivery and redemption
  • In app advertising
  • Overall brand / event enhancement