Solutions & Benefits

IntelliCUP™ Solutions & Benefits

Merchants who have already tried the unique IntelliHead, have enthused about its seamless serving capabilities and ease of use.
Andrew Myberg – owner “The Range Chilled Market” says “the system has not only excited my patrons through some exciting technology, but also increased my volume poured and reduced wastage. I am chuffed to be part of the initial trials.”

Customer feedback is around – “no cash fantastic”, “please bring this to the Rugby 7’s – I hate queues”, “great beer, great head”, “fantastic, I don’t need to deal with barmen, queues and cash payment again”, “can you send me special offers and tickets – bring it on…”, “beer tastes fresh and is nice and cold”, “please tell me you are going to be at the Oktoberfest” International averages on transaction times show the IntelliCUP™ system to be at least 300% faster than traditional draft pulls. The integrated payment effeciently and effectively minimises the use of cash. The system also significantly reduces beverage waste and vendor man hours.

Customer Benefits

Immediate ice cold beverage, shorter queues, cashless payment, ease of use. A perfect serve, greater event consumption enjoyment.

Operator Benefits

Quicker queue turnaround, higher beverage sales, less waste, lower administration, labour and banking costs, higher profitability, performance tracking.

Sponsor Benefits

Cup branding, coupon delivery, data capture for competitions, direct marketing & research opportunities, IOT ready.

Stadium/Event Benefits

Higher return on investment, higher return from merchants, client satisfaction, ability to offer packages based on data obtained, IOT ready.