The IntelliCUP™ solution comprises an IntelliHead, a Customer and Merchant App, and a reusable Cup, through which the system is activated via an integrated NFC chip. The worldwide events market has significant constraints in dispensing various beverage types at the rates required (speed, waste, mess, manpower etc.), coupled with a move towards reusable and biodegradable cup options. Most existing systems have inconsistent pouring speeds, erratic prefect serve capability and limited communication or data tracking capability.

For merchants the serving of customers is labor intensive and subject to significant wastage and losses. The customer experience is also below par with lengthy queues, spillage and warm beverages. Potential sales and brand experience are lost through this process. Few systems provide instant data capture and individual customer tracking that offers an enhanced event or consumption experience. Intellicup’s patented system also allows the dispensing of coffee, ice tea, water, carbonated & uncarbonated soft drinks, extending the merchant income & customer satisfaction opportunity.



This is how IntelliCUP™ aims to revolutionize the beverage dispensing industry:

  • Beverage dispensing speeds and volumes will be significantly increased whilst maintaining a continuous perfect serve.
  • The integrated payment process efficiently and effectively minimises the use of cash at the point of sale.
  • Through App registration and usage the system will track usage and provide individual data on events and behaviour allowing for special offers and one on one communication.
  • Merchants are able to geo locate and diagnostically monitor and control the dispensing machines.
  • The system significantly reduces beverage waste and vendor man-hours, increasing profitability.
  • Pour rate, volume and temperature can be set to ensure the perfect serve.